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  • Back office support
    Bottle, tube, and sample filling
    Innovative packaging design
    Automated Vial Filling
    Cello Wrapping Fragrances
    Over/Flow Wrapping Equipment
    Shrink Wrapping
    Auto Cartoning
    Bottle Filling Lines
    Printed Chip Packers
    E-Flute Liners & Sleeves
    Tube Filling (Creams & Lotions)
    Automated Product Labeling
    Pick & Pack Distribution
    Product Restoration & Refurbishing
    Customized Packaging Processes
    Back Office Support / Customer Service
    State of the Art Cloud Base Inventory and Shipping System


♣ Promotional Product Mailings
♣ Pouching
♣ Tipping
♣ Over-wrapping
♣ POS/POP Floor & Counter Displays
♣ Unit Cartoning
♣ RF Sealing & Packaging
♣ Vial Filling
♣ Printed Chip Packers,
♣ E-Flute Liners & Sleeves
♣ Bottle Filling
♣ Tube Filling
♣ Labeling
♣ Pick & Pack Distribution
♣ Product Restoration & Refurbishing



♣ Numerous filling lines to cover all types, sizes and viscosities of cosmetic products including but not limited to fragrances, lotion, and hair products. Each unit is sealed according to your specifications including push-on and screw caps, crimped and crimpless pumps, etc.
♣ Fragrane/Perfume
♣ Vials as small as .5 ml.
♣ Glass and Plastic Bottles and Jars (.25 oz. to 16 oz.) (Alcohol and Non- Alcohol Products)
♣ Hair Products